According to ASI’s Peter Orwick, New Zealand lost about 1 million sheep in a blizzard a couple years ago, which might have helped the U.S. market. At their most recent sale, Nov. 21, St. Onge Livestock sold a good run of 77-pound feeder lambs for $2.14 per pound. Some 87 pounders brought $1.85 per pound and a small bunch of lambs weighing 100 pounds were worth $1.75 per pound.

Just three months earlier the very same market, Newell Sheepyards in Newell, S.D., reported selling nearly 200 head of 79-pound lambs for $1.16, 89 pounders for $1.13 and some 110 pounders fetched their seller $1.05 per pound. In three months the market has shot up higher than many expected. It seemed pounds were valuable early in the selling season but as the price of corn continues to drop, the lighter lambs have seemed to become just as desirable.



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