Sheep Lameness, Mastitis Genomic Project to Reduce Antibiotics Reliance

By The Sheep Site

A genomics program selecting for mastitis and lameness resistant sheep is pushing for less reliance on antibiotics.



Build a “Bud Box” to Make Livestock Handling a Breeze

The Beef Blog

Build a “Bud Box” to Make Livestock Handling a Breeze

Rick Machen and Ron Gill

On Pasture

The term “Bud Box” describes the kind of handling facility preferred by low-stress livestock handling expert Bud Williams. By moving animals quietly and standing in the right spot, you can quickly and easily move animals into a chute for treatment, weighing or loading. Here’s information on how to build your own, including a video showing how it works.

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Livestock Tagging

By Chris Richards and Rusty Gosz

Tagging is an important part of animal identification, but must be done properly. Tagging an animal is very similar to a human getting their ears’ pierced. Learn how to properly tag your animals and maintain proper care afterwards.


How to Draw Blood and Blood Test your goats

By Gail Bowman

Blood testing is an easy way to check your herd for most diseases. You can either take your animals to the veterinarian to have the blood drawn, or learn to do it yourself. Drawing blood is not hard, if you have the stomach for it, and doing it yourself will cut mountains off your vet bill. I strongly suggest that you have someone show you the trick the first couple times, but here is one way to do it.