Sheep sheared for valuable, soft fleece wool at Pinnow’s ranch

By Sue Roesler, The Prairie Star

In a long silver barn up on the hill, sheep on the Pinnows’ Bracket Butte ranch were undergoing an annual event: having their coats sheared for the precious wool that will be sold to wool markets.



Goat farmers, producers handle increased American demand for unusual dairy

By Fox News Associated Press

Six and a half years, 14 milking goats and roughly $300,000 later, she’s in the midst of constructing a small-scale creamery in Madrid, Iowa, that’s set to feature goat milk, cheese, ice cream and more. And though her creamery isn’t yet open, Olson said local businesses have begun inquiring about her products, prompting her to already consider expanding.


Ability of Goats to Digest Almost Anything Provides Cue to Producing Cheaper Biofuels

By Charles I. Omedo

Goats and sheep among other grass-eating animals have always confounded scientists with their abilities to digest almost anything they eat – but it has now emerged that the anaerobic fungi in the guts of these animals are what is working to help the animals breakdown plants and other substances that other animals will not touch – giving scientists further ideas for creating cheaper biofuels, the BBC writes.


The Small Ruminant Toolbox – VERY Useful Resource


By Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Sheep and goat enterprises offer diversification opportunities for small and limited-resource farmers. This Small Ruminant Toolbox was developed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) in order to provide a collection of information for small ruminant producers and educators. The Small Ruminant Toolbox includes many publications, presentations and other resources that will be helpful to small ruminant producers.