Soyhulls: the “almost perfect” feed


By Susan Schoenian, Maryland Small Animal Ruminant Page

Soyhulls are the “almost perfect” feed. Depending upon price and availability, they can replace some (most or all) of the hay or grain in the diets of sheep, goats, and other livestock. Soyhulls are the ideal supplement for ruminants consuming low to moderate quality forages. Most producers are probably already feeding some soyhulls, as soyhulls are a common ingredient in commercial feeds.


A Closer Look At The Sheep And Goats We Help Care For


By Zoetis

This sixth article in our series about the animals we help care for focuses on sheep and goats. Raising and caring for these animals requires a variety of health management approaches that support wellness and maximize the potential of the flock and herd. In addition to providing anti-parasitic treatments, vaccines and other therapies to boost the health of sheep and goats, Zoetis offers technology and support programs that help farmers – even in the most remote locations – better care for their animals.