Boer goat herd a launching platform for Backall brothers

By Sally Cripps, Queensland Country Life

Australia’s first millionaires might have bankrolled their ambitions with Merino wool, and Sid Kidman and his ilk used cattle as their stepping stone to wealth, but Blackall teenagers Clay and Zac Armstrong are hoping that goats will make their fortunes.



A Process for Better Grasslands and Pastures

By Michael Harman, On Pasture

As an extension educator at the county level, I read a lot of publications about the use and management of pasture and hay resources. My clients read the same publications and many still hesitate to try new grazing practices. Producers often believe a new practice will not work for them. Many farmers get enamored by how their farm is different and how their limited resources will prevent them from implementing everything the speaker or author recommends. I understand their hesitation; after all it’s their farm and their money on the line.


Sheep electronic tagging: Producers urged to be smarter about data

By James Wagstaff, The Weekly Times

If the sheep industry is serious about improving and attracting more participants it must lift its game when it comes to measuring data, a leading consultant says.

Addressing the Balmoral Sire Evaluation field day at Harrow last week, Nathan Scott of Achieve Ag Solutions warned producers that they wouldn’t know “what is going on in your flock until you starting measuring it”.


Too much of a good thing: A fat in sheep brains may have the ability to treat degenerative diseases in humans

By Kylee Whitehill, Capital Journal

The overproduction of lipids in a lamb’s brain may be the key to treating degenerative brain diseases and brain injuries, a South Dakota scientist says.

Since the late 1980s, Larry Holler, a pathologist and veterinarian with South Dakota State University’s Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences Department, has been working with a special kind of sheep that produces too much of a good thing.


Cattle and Sheep Together a Good Thing

By Kris Ringwall, NDSU Extension Beef Specialist, Tri-State Livestock News

For thousands of years, meat, milk, leather, wool, mohair and cashmere have been essential components of human survival.

Producers historically have utilized a combination of cattle, sheep, goats and other ruminants to graze grasslands and provide the necessary food and clothing.


Sheep Heritage Foundation Scholarship Available

By High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

Through the American Sheep Industry Association, a Sheep Heritage Foundation Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $3,000 is being made available for sheep-related graduate studies. The scholarship is for the advancement of the sheep industry through financial support of a graduate-level (M.S. or Ph.D.) student who is attending a school in the United States.

The applicant form can be downloaded at, or call 303-771-3500, ext. 107, or email

All applications must be received by ASI by May 31st and the scholarship recipient will be announced in June.