Drug-resistant roundworms prompt search for new treatments

By: Emma Hiolski

Picture an open pasture with woolly sheep grazing on lush green grass. Idyllic, right? What’s not so idyllic is that inside some of these animals’ guts, deadly parasitic worms could be thriving, sucking blood from the animals’ stomachs and depriving them of nutrients. Researchers around the world have reported finding drug-resistant roundworms—some resistant to multiple classes of standard treatments—in every type of livestock host, including sheep, cattle, and goats.



Women of the Wool

By: Rebecca Bengel

Eight or so years ago, the photographer Nich Hance McElroy walked into a public library in New Mexico where a poster beckoned: Learn to Shear Sheep! McElroy was intrigued. In Alaska, where he had begun spending part of each year working on a musk ox ranch (the animals are hand-combed annually, and their collected long hair, or qiviut, is harvested as wool), people often came looking for someone to shear their sheep, too. McElroy decided to check it out.