Video: Duddingtonia flagrans

Duddingtonia flagrans is a non-chemical biological control for the infective stages of parasitic GIN of grazing animals, which acts by substantially reducing the numbers of infective worm larvae (including multi-resistant larvae) emerging from manure onto pasture.



Sheep Giving Birth: Tips for Successful Lambing

By: Laurie Ball-Gisch

Over the past 12 lambing seasons, the main thing the sheep giving birth has taught me is that every season will bring a new lesson. I’ll never forget meeting a seasoned shepherd with 50 years of lambing behind him who told me that he still learns something new every year. So as I cherish the “lull before the storm” on a quiet, pre-lambing time evening, I want to share some things I’ve learned to make spring lambing less hectic and some items I keep around to make life easier during what is a very busy time of year.


Purdue Lambing School

By: Purdue Extension

The Lambing School is conducted as an educational event for new, beginning or veteran sheep or goat producers to familiarize them with lambing or kidding procedures. It will take place on Saturday, February 24, 2018. Follow the link for more information and to register.