The quirks of working with goats and sheep

By Katie Burns, American Veterinary Medical Association

Goats crowded up to a fence to eat leftover candy canes from their owner’s hands as Dr. Chris Duemler walked around ponderously inside the herd’s enclosure.

On this foggy day Thursday morning, Dr. Duemler was visiting the hobby farm to try to determine the cause of the goats’ dilated pupils. In the end, he suggested inquiring about the possible abortion, and he recommended administering tetracycline in the water.


Sheep handling video nears 10,000 hits

By High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

The How to Handle Sheep video series released by the American Sheep Industry Association, in collaboration with Temple Grandin, Ph.D., the Livestock Marketing Association and Colorado State University, is approaching 10,000 hits on YouTube. The three-part video details the process of handling sheep through the entire life span of the animal.


Farmers going “Hydrogreen”

By Kole Fehling, KDLT News

Many farmers may be burdened by the cost of harvesting livestock feed.

Owner/CEO of Hydrogreen Global Technologies, Dihl Grohs said, “The economics of having this system versus real estate and equipment is huge. We gotta feed the world and this is one way to take the pressure off of crop land for human consumption.”


How to Grow Worms (or Not)

By Dr. Steve Hart, Extension Goat Specialist Langston University

This month’s timely topic is about planning grazing as part of your parasite control program for the year.  With proper planning, you can reduce worm problems and losses from worms.  Most of the management to prevent worms revolves around grazing management.