Best Dairy Sheep Breeds for a Farm

By: Janet Garman

Learn How to Start Dairy Farming with Sheep

There are a few dairy sheep breeds you could add to your farm. The East Friesian sheep is considered the best breed of dairy sheep by researchers. The milk yield per lactation ranges from 1000 to 1500 pounds of milk. The milk is high in fat. Twin and triplet births are more common than singles with this breed.



Meet Keene’s newest hires: goats

By Meghan Foley Sentinel Staff

             At one time, many sheep roamed Keene’s closed landfill with the task of keeping the grass short and shrubbery in check.

The sheep weren’t owned by the city; rather, they were on loan from a local shepherd. Eventually, the program fizzled and the city turned to man-made equipment for the work. But this summer, public works officials have gone back to the animal approach — this time with goats.