Antibiotic Stewardship: Product Handling

By: Heidi Carroll

Producers raising animals for food focus on stewardship in animal health and antimicrobial use. We are continually reminded to follow FDA label recommendations on all animal products to ensure the highest level of care for the animals. One thing that is many times overlooked when using animal health products is proper handling and storage. All animal health products have storage and handling information on the FDA label whether vaccines or antimicrobials/antibiotics. Eirich summarized some of the key recommendations for both vaccines and antibiotics.



Vaccination Webinar Archived for Future Viewing

Dr. J Bret Taylor’s webinar from Sept. 18 on Getting the Most Out of Your Vaccination Program is now archived and available for additional viewing. Taylor is the Director, Research Leader and Supervisory Scientist at the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, Idaho.


Goat Hoof Trimming Made Easy

By: Gail Damerow

Goat hoof trimming is a necessary part of keeping and raising goats. When a goat cooperates, hoof trimming can easily and smoothly fit into your regular maintenance routine. But if a goat persists in struggling and kicking, hoof trimming can become a dreaded and dangerous chore. The trick is to teach the goat to want to cooperate. The most cooperative goat is one that is familiar with your goat hoof trimming equipment.


BCS is Better Indicator of FEC

Three commercial sheep farms in a hot, tropical climate ( Yucatán peninsula, Mexico) were used to compare body condition score (BCS) ≤ 2 and FAMACHA© score ≥4 or ≥ 3 as criteria to identify ewes with FEC ≥750 epg and to confirm whether that FEC threshold allowed maintaining a large proportion of animals with no anthelmintic treatment.