How to Conduct a Fecal Egg Count in Sheep and Goats

By Acacia Herr, Casey Cromer, and Mike Neary

This video is about Conducting a Fecal Egg Count in Sheep and Goats


Buy a Performance Tested Buck

By Susan Schoenian

Most of the bucks in this year’s Western Maryland Pasture-Based Meat Goat Performance Test are for sale via private treaty. Some of the top-performers will be sold next year (as yearlings) at the Bluegrass Performance Invitational in Frankfort, Kentucky.


Using Sheep CIDRs

By Micky Burch

Most people in the sheep industry are probably aware of the changing landscape of both this commodity and all of agriculture. Producers have more marketing options than ever before; currently, non-traditional markets make up 30% of sheep sales in the U.S. On the retail side, there are grocers committed to selling either exclusively or partially American lamb; some have even started in-store American lamb branded campaigns. While lamb consumption is seen most on the coasts, popularity is increasing in large metropolitan areas. Producers have historically been able to generate a strong holiday-oriented supply of lamb, but a year-round supply is needed for consistency in both traditional and non-traditional markets.