Goat farmers, producers handle increased American demand for unusual dairy

By Associated Press at Fox News

Buying two goats in August 2008 was little more than an experiment for farmer Paula Olson and some entertainment for her daughters. Six and a half years, 14 milking goats and roughly $300,000 later, she’s in the midst of constructing a small-scale creamery in Madrid, Iowa, that’s set to feature goat milk, cheese, ice cream and more. And though her creamery isn’t yet open, Olson said local businesses have begun inquiring about her products, prompting her to already consider expanding.


Video: How to prevent a sheep traffic jam

By Emily Conover

Wake up, sheeple! You may think you’re in charge of your own destiny, but when exiting a crowded stadium, we’re all fairly sheeplike, following the flock and perhaps jostling a bit to get to the front. Sheep therefore make a good model to understand crowd behavior in humans. To study how the wooly ungulates move in unison, researchers videotaped flocks of sheep entering a barn door to be fed.

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Care of Goats in Severe Winter Weather

By Jodie Pennington

Management of mature goats may change only slightly in colder weather compared to routine management throughout the rest of the year. Nothing takes the place of good, routine observations for changes in feed availability, body condition scores, and health problems such as pneumonia, parasites, and foot rot. However, management will need to change in very cold temperatures, and even more so in wet, cold temperatures.


Livestock Grazing Calculators

By The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Main Marketing IconGrazing calculators provide a simple and prompt means of analyzing your grazing program as your work your way through the grazing season. It will make management decisions much easier and give you confidence that you are on track with your grazing plan.