Different grazing methods should be of interest to both sheep and cattle producers

By: Dale Hildebrant, Farm & Ranch Guide

ELLENDALE, N.D. –Grazing management plays an important role in the profitability of a sheep operation. But it is also critical in other livestock operations, such as cattle, where grazing is common. Dickey County Extension agent Breana Kiser and Pete Kronberg, a sheep producer from Forbes, N.D., presented a seminar on grazing management during an NDSU Extension Sheep Workshop on May 4 at Ellendale.



The Mystery of Suubi Goat Farm

By: Sarah Weiss, Noble-Watoto Fellow

Nancy Drew would have been proud of me last week. And to be honest, I now have a lot more respect for the fictitious teenage detective. The week began with an extensive walk through all of the forage fields at the farm. Different fields are checked each day. It’s important to observe the progress of planting, weeding and harvesting of the fields. It’s also imperative to be sure that nobody is stealing forage or using the land to graze their own animals. Patrick has had problems in the past with people illegally grazing their cows in elephant grass that’s meant for the goats. After all was deemed well and accounted for, we began our true detective work: sorting through the records.


The Beginning of a Great Story

By: Sarah Weiss, Noble-Watoto Fellow

My first week working with Watoto went very differently than what I was expecting. But honestly that’s just how life in Uganda works. Expect the unexpected. Or rather, be flexible and gracious when reality turns out different than what you have planned. Plans in this country change constantly, but I’ve found that this often works for my benefit, another daily reminder that this process is about God’s timing rather than my own.


Here Is a List of 10 Extremely Good Goat Beards

By Dan Nosowitz on June 13, 2017

Many, but not all, species of both wild and domesticated goats sport long tufts of hair under their chins, usually referred to as beards. Beards are more common on male goats, but females can have them; like horns, beards are not necessarily an indicator of a goat’s gender. (They can, however, help you distinguish a goat from a sheep; not all goats have beards, but no sheep do.)