5 keys to colostrum success in baby goats

Colostrum, the first milk a doe produces after she gives birth, is key to giving baby goats a strong, healthy start. US company Milk Products developed a list of 5 things to consider.



Scientist Finds Secret Ingredient in Red Clover That Increases Weight Gain in Ruminants

By: Kathy Voth

A team of researchers at the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s (ARS) Forage-Animal Production Research Unit has found that an antimicrobial compound in red clover can increase feed efficiency in ruminants.  Biochanin A could be an alternative to using antibiotics to promote growth in feedlots, and could benefit livestock on pasture too.


10 Ways To Recognize Goat Labor Signs

By: Gail Damerow

The ability to identify goat labor signs gives you notice when it’s time to move the doe to a private area where she can concentrate on the job at hand without interference from the other goats. Knowing goat labor signs also alerts you to be available in case the doe should need your help. Unfortunately, not all pregnant goats show signs that kidding is imminent, but most does show at least some of the following signs