Help for shepherds to grow their flock

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — The new Illini Sheep Short Course — Ovine 365 creates a forum for both those new to the sheep business, as well as those experienced producers who are looking to enhance their production and success in the sheep business.



Bred For Florida

By: Susan Schoenian

For sheep to survive in Florida’s humid, sub-tropical climate, they have to have some degree of parasite resistance. Otherwise, they’ll constantly struggle with parasites (worms) and/or need to be raised in confinement.  Several of the breeds raised in Florida strive to meet this requirement


Management Guidelines Can Help Improve Pasture Condition, Optimize Forage Utilization

By: Kathy Voth

Here are some general management strategies for maintaining or improving the condition of your pastures while optimizing forage utilization by livestock. Those of you who have both introduced pastures (such as bermudagrass or plains bluestem) and native grass pastures have the luxury of lengthened rest periods on your native grass pastures.