Best Dairy Sheep Breeds for a Farm

By: Janet Garman

Today, most of the sheep milk products are imported. Mediterranean countries are the biggest exporters of sheep dairy products. The sheep dairy demand is growing and a dairy farmer incorporating dairy sheep is in the right place at the right time. United States residents are realizing that sheep milk products can be a healthy alternative to cow milk.



Using a Smartphone to Count Fecal Eggs

By: Susan Schoenian

Researchers at the Gluck Equine Research Center at the University of Kentucky have developed Smartphone technology for doing fecal egg counts. The technology has been licensed by Zoetis, which is focusing on small animals, while the University of Kentucky continues to fine-tune the technology for the equine industry. According to one of the researchers, a 2018 product launch is possible.


Managing Parasites in Small Ruminants

By: Matt Reese

“Worldwide, producers are losing billions of dollars to parasites through production losses and actual animal losses. They are more of an issue in the Eastern U.S. because our grazing areas are more concentrated than in the West. Issues with parasites increase this time of year when temperatures are 50 to 104 degrees F. Beyond this range, their survivability decreases significantly,” said Brady Campbell, program coordinator of the Ohio State University sheep team.


U.S. sheep industry bounces back

By: Jonathan Knutson

BROCKET, N.D. — The early summer afternoon is warm and windy, though not oppressively so, and contented “baas” ring out in the sheep barn. Luke Lillehaugen looks over the flock with an experienced eye and says, “Well, we like sheep. And we like some of the things happening in the sheep industry.”