Test Your Knowledge of Management Practices That Affect Dewormer Resistance

By Michelle Arnold, DVM

There are many important diseases in goats but none are as common or threaten the health of goats as much as internal parasites (worms).  Although there are many types of worms that may contribute to a parasite problem, the blood-sucking barber pole worm (Haemonchus contortus) is the most prevalent and most important, especially in the southern US.  This parasite causes the highest death loss in young animals during their first year on pasture, especially around weaning time.


New study rewrites genetic history of sheep

By PHYS.org and provided by International Livestock Research Institute

At a time when the price of mutton is climbing and wool crashing, a groundbreaking new study has used advanced genetic sequencing technology to rewrite the history of sheep breeding and trading along the ancient Silk Road—insights that can help contemporary herders in developing countries preserve or recover valuable traits crucial to their food and economic security.