Hoosier Sheep Symposium

Indiana Sheep Association

This September come out for Indiana’s annual Sheep symposium at Hamilton County Fairgrounds! This Symposium will offer: Educational Seminars, Discussions, Annual Meeting and Awards.



Sheep research reveals reason behind mammals distinctive vibrato

By: Mike Foley

WHY do sheep have that vibrato-like quality to their call?

New research might have the answer to the question of not just why sheep do it, but why evolution has tossed up so many operatic bleats, burrs and baahs right across the animal kingdom.


Preparing for late summer planting and fall grazing

By PETER SCHARPE Minnesota Farm Guide

AUSTIN, Minn. – It is not many farmers that would be spending time in late July, early August getting ready to plant. Tom Cotter is not “most farmers.” As his sweet corn fields near harvest, Tom is mixing custom blends of cover crop seed to be planted in that 240 acres. The goal is to have the cover crop planted, established and ready for cattle to graze by Oct. 10.