Expanding Opportunities for Small-Scale Farms in the Specialty Food Market

Many small and medium-size farmers face difficulties in competing with larger producers in the production of bulk commodities. While some of these farms have found success by selling their fresh products through farm-direct and intermediated markets (such as sales to retailers and restaurants), those niches are quite limited.



New reproductive protocol for sheep uses natural hormones

Researchers of the Veterinary Faculty of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University (CEU UCH) in Valencia, Spain, and Spain’s National Institute of Farming & Food Research & Technology (INIA) have designed a new protocol to improve the sheep reproduction by synchronizing heats and ovulation periods based on the use of natural hormones.


Fact Sheet: Late Gestation/Early Lactation Ewe Nutrition

By: Dr. Reid Redden

Although it may be a bit late this year to change your ewe feeding and management programs, I still find it important to share as you observe your flock this year. Are your ewes in a good body condition score? If not, what could you have done differently to improve? Supported by the Let’s Grow program through the American Sheep Industry, Dr’s Reid Redden and Dan Morrical provide us with some helpful tips to keep our ewes in good shape to prepare for late gestation and early lactation.